Competition and Risk Management of Financial Institutions

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The Basel II Accord fosters sophistication in risk management and makes capital requirements risk-sensitive. Using a systemic approach, we analyze to what extent the Basel II rules are suitable for reaching the goals of stability and efficiency. In particular, we are concerned with the following issues:

  • How does sophistication in risk management affect banking stability and market conditions?
  • How does sophistication in risk management impact on the ability of banks to raise equity?
  • How should credit-portfolio-management tools account for the correlation effect, i.e., the fact that default correlations change in case of macroeconomic shocks?
  • How do risk-sensitive capital requirements affect banking stability?
  • What types of risk-sensitive capital requirements minimize the risk of bank crises?
  • How is competition among banks affected when some borrowers are shirkers?
  • How can commercial banks and investment banks coexist?


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