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Basic Research, Innovation and Growth

Basic Research plays a central role for a country’s economic growth. The aim of this project is to examine the relationship between basic research and economic growth and to offer answers to central policy questions, such as what is the optimal financing scheme or what kind of international coordination is desirable.

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New Forms of Democracy

In democracies, many political projects are not implemented, although they would yield social benefits. In other areas, policy activities are pushed beyond socially desirable levels. We address these issues and suggest new solutions for them.

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Money and Banking

Price stability and a sturdy banking system are economy-wide objectives. In macroeconomic policymaking, realigning money and banking requires a novel architecture and a new macro instrument to safeguard financial stability. We tackle this issues with various approaches.

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Climate Change

There is a broad consensus that mitigating climate change is one of today’s most pressing challenges. We address the following issues:

  • Free riding: how to prevent countries from benefiting from other counties emission reduction although they do not reduce emissions themselves.
  • Compliance: how to make countries stick to the abatement level agreed upon.

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